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8 Nov


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‘Tis the season of face-stuffing and elastic waists!

cookie pants5

All-black outfits are totally within my comfort zone (my personality is colourful enough), and the highlight of this outfit is most definitely the slacks. If you’ve ever watched a sitcom (which i’m sure you have, living on planet earth and all), you must be familiar with some form of the phrase “Fat Pants” (remember Joey’s Thanksgiving Pants? Elliott’s Cookie Pants?). The elastic waist transforms these babies into upgraded “Fat Pants”, because contrary to their sit-com version – these are not only comfortable, they’re elegant and flattering as well.

This outfit was tried and tested over dinner and drinks at Cafe Europa. Not only did I receive compliments about how I looked – I was also able to stuff my face without feeling a button is about to pop out of place or a secret zipper needs to be unzipped if I wish to continue breathing, and I think we all agree on the importance of breathing  😉

cookie pants7

cookie pants1

cookie pants2

cookie pants4

cookie pants3

cookie pants6

Top, slacks and cardigan: Tanti Becky Boutique (similar top, similar slacks, similar cardigan) | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Clutch: Emanuel (similar here)

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