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17 Aug



Here we are, halfway through August – a month I so lovingly like to compare to walking into a furnace. Although it feels like it may never be nice outside again, I find myself feeling optimistic these days – despite the heat waves that keep hitting us here in Tel Aviv.

petit pois shoofra

How can one feel optimistic, dressed in black from head to toe – in said heat wave? The secret, once again, is in ventilation :-)

Throughout the summer, shoes that aren’t flip flops are considered a rarity on the streets of Tel Aviv. Unfortunately – I have yet to find a replacement for my favorite pair of flip flops, which were stolen at the beach last summer, while I was surfing. I have therefore been walking around town all summer, wearing decent shoes, as if I were an actual grown-up!

I chose the black pair I’m wearing for 2 reasons:

  1. Because they’re closed but also not closed, providing much needed ventilation while steering clear of my fear to commit.
  2. Because I’m a sucker for anything by Jeffrey Campbell.I’m a reasonable person, after all :-)

shoofra lecole des femmes

shoofra shoes

The (super old) Pinafore dress I’m wearing was gifted to me by my ex, when I lived in LA (circa 2012). I found it in my closet a while ago and have since been trying to wear it in different ways. I purchased the Petit Pois corset quite recently, and quickly decided it’s far too pretty to remain hidden under my close, it must be flaunted! Which means 1 less layer of clothes as well as a chance to show the world I actually wore a bra. My mom would be so proud of me right now :-)

petit pois lecole des femmes

lecole des femmes dress

May Air Conditioners follow us wherever we go!


Dress: L’ecole des femmes | Corset: Petit Pois | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Shoofra | Handbag: Coach


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