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8 Feb


Even if I tried, I couldn’t imagine a morning more perfect..


A charming boutique hotel in Neve Tzedek, an amazing, empowering team of ladies to work with and a chance to just lazy around in bed for a few more hours (wearing some pretty damn fine under-garments – mind you!) – all this wonderfulness was part of a Boudoir photoshoot, produced by one of my favorite blogs: MyDay wedding inspiration blog.


Boudoir photography (which originated at some point in the previous century and was favored by ultra-glam Hollywood stars such as Mae West and Gene Harlow), is an intimate photo-session typically shot in a photographer’s studio or a luxurious hotel suite, providing the person being photographed with the ultimate setting to let loose, feel comfortable in their own skin and truly allow their beauty to shine.

In this day and age, we all constantly obsess about the way we look and how we are perceived compared to our peers (am I skinny enough? Fit enough? What is too fat or too skinny?), that often – we find ourselves aspiring to become someone we are not instead of embracing the assets we were born with. EVERYONE has their own body image issues, even if the rest of the world doesn’t catch on to it. So maybe next time you look in the mirror and are about to criticize some flaw you think you see, you’ll turn your attention to the parts you love and are proud of.
I’ll let you in on a little secret: Never have I felt as beautiful as I did that morning, during the photoshooot, and I have the gorgeous ladies I worked with to thank for that!




Wishing you a lovely weekend!


See more of this photoshoot here.

MyDay Production
Photography: Rebecca Sigala | Hair & Makeup: Cassy Avraham
Lingerie: Gandura via MyDay Shop | Video: Felder Films
Flowers: Pine and Clover | Location: Hotel Trieste

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