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3 Sep


In today’s fast paced world of constant change, and especially due to social networks helping us feel connected with our peers and even involved in their lives (even if you haven’t actually seen them in over a decade) –  it sometimes feels difficult to actually stay in touch in “real life”, even with the people we care about the most.

life by b x dafna galpaz7

That being said, I also find it amazing that some connections seem to transcend time and physical distance. Even if you haven’t managed to see the person in question for quite a while – your connection supplies a pleasant, somewhat steady base that makes you feel as though a single day hasn’t passed since the last time you guys were sitting together – giggling and what not.
After a (very) long time of not actually seeing each other (but plenty of online chatter, of course), my friend Dafna and I decided it was about time to actually make plans to hang-out. Our rendezvous included several of my favourites: A typical Tel-Avivian rooftop (because I LOVE rooftops), some white wine (because life is better while accompanied with white wine) and Dafna’s new new camera (because I love having my photo taken and Dafna is an awesome photographer).

We had a blast!  😉

life by b x dafna galpaz

life by b x dafna galpaz12

life by b x dafna galpaz1

life by b x dafna galpaz4

life by b x dafna galpaz3

life by b x dafna galpaz2

life by b x dafna galpaz5

life by b x dafna galpaz6

life by b x dafna galpaz10


Bralette: Inbella | Pencil Skirt: ASOS | Sandals: ASOS (similar here)
Photos by Dafna Galpaz

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