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29 Dec



Over the past few weeks, Ive started listing my wants/hopes/wishes for 2017, and I wanted to share it here, with you guys – for a few reasons. First, I believe that once you put something in writing – you’re more committed to it. Second – as I’ve known myself for quite a few years now, I know I tend to be more committed to a cause when a third party’s involved, so I feel that by sharing my list here, publicly – I’l l become more motivated to pursue my resolutions  :-)

nye outfit 3


Here’s my list, as of today  ;-) I’m happy to see that I’ve already started working on a few of these resolutions. Have you prepared a list as well? You’re welcome to share it with me!

I resolve to..
Get certified as a yoga instructor | Start painting again | Take a few singing lessons | Visit Morocco | Continue surfing, even though it’s cold out | Start learning Russian | Play on the piano on a regular basis | Grow a fruit/vegetable | Meditate several times a week | Smile every morning, when I wake up | Take a photography course

nye outfit 1

nye outfit 4

nye outfit 2

Her’s to a wonderful 2017!


Bodysuit and skirt: Chuchu Diamond | Booties: Michael Kors | Clutch: Gucci


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