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22 Nov


embrace the glorious mess

Don’t be shy, press play  ;-) 

You know those days when life simply doesn’t cooperate with your plans? Whether it’s a “minor” (depending on who you ask) issue like a bad hair day (if there’s a worse period of time than “growing out your bangs” – i’m not familiar with it, at the moment), or a more substantial issue – such as falling-out with someone close (nobody’s perfect, right?) – I’m a firm believer in the fact that the way we approach the obstacle we’re facing is that which will determine the outcome of the situation. Luckily, I’ve never come across a whirlpool real life, but they say that when you encounter one – any attempt to resist the current will only drag you deeper – making your situation worse, while letting go will ensure your safe passage.

That’s how I feel about life, really  😉

After a week of feeling pretty “blah”, during which I completely ignored the fact that good things are happening to me lately (can I brag about Popsugar naming me one of 14 inspiring Israeli Fashion Bloggers for a sec?) and paid extra attention to negative influences around me – I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and re-assesing (pretty much) every decision I ever made. Once I decided to let go and stress less about things that are out of my control and simply embrace the graceful (at least I think so) mess that I am – everything started to fall into its right place.

Smile! It’s going to be a fabulous week – because we will it so  😉

tel aviv graffiti6

tel aviv graffiti1

tel aviv graffiti

tel aviv graffiti cover

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White button-down: ASOS | Black Maxi: ZARA | Sandals: ASOS | Clutch: Hilla Toledano

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