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29 Nov


noa maccabi5

Don’t be shy, press “play” :-)

Way back when, during my high school days, my parents traveled abroad and left me home alone. One thing led to another, and I nearly flooded the top floor of our house, but an important lesson was learned: small hot-tubs are not a recommended venue for throwing a pool party – please feel free to learn from my mistakes. Now that i’m undoubtedly a big girl (unless you ask for my dad’s opinion), my husband traveled abroad and left me home alone – to my own devices – luckily, with a slightly different agenda..

noa maccabi6

Stormy forecasts (alongside our upcoming non-skiing ski getaway) set me straight over to the nearest Keds store to stock up on cozy lounge-wear, so I could focus on the things that are truly important in life: rest, relaxation and Netflix  ;-) Between zombie marathons (we all have our own idea of what’s “relaxing”) and random episodes of my favourite sitcoms (30 rock and Parks and recreation, of example), the gorgeous Noa Maccabi stopped by to snap a few photos.

noa maccabi4

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noa maccabi

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To be continued…


Sweater: Keds | Photography: Noa Maccabi

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