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14 Aug


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August has arrived – in all of its glory, and along with it – the not-so-glorious humidity Tel Aviv is known for in August. Age old memories from Varanasi (yep, I traveled to India after my military service) fill my mind while I witness strangers sweating from unexpected body parts, leading me to seek shade and refuge in the great outdoors (so long as “the great outdoors” are within the limits of Tel Aviv, of course)  ;-)

tree hugger 4

tree hugger 1

Having combination skin that tends to shine on occasion (but hey, I get endless compliments on my ‘glow’!), my previous beauty routine has become useless in this weather, so I dedicated the past couple of weeks to finding the perfect light moisturiser with SPF – or whatever comes closest. I started with a light moisturiser from Dermalogica’s Clean Start line (yep, I still use products aimed at teens at my age). I was actually quite happy with it last summer, but this time around it was OK for a few days, then I felt my skin appeared dull (and that’s not a good look) – so I moved on.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser and Ultra Light Daily Defense moisturiser arrived at a time of need. I had actually bought this exact same moisturiser a couple of years ago, but forgot about it because I was very much into Kiehl’s BB cream at the time. This time around, the cleanser and light defense seem to be a winning combo/ The cleanser doesn’t overdraw my skin, and the moisturiser is very light and not at all greasy, as some SPF’s tend to be. My forehead is happy, and when my forehead’s happy – I tend not to argue  ;-)

summer beauty squad

My next beauty goal is to find the perfect mask combo (purifying and moisturising), so I’m up for any suggestions. 

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tree hugger 7

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  • Lexa

    I know what you mean about foreheads ! When it’s very very hot it seems that most of my sweating happens through my forehead ! Anyway i think the photos are very nice. More poses like this would be great!–I think there’s something wonderful about the “ALMOST “of posing like that. Well, when one has the legs for it, that is, which i don’t, and you do. Hey no envy here, just admiration.

    August 28, 2016 at 1:11 pm Reply

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