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4 Sep


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I might be delusional, or perhaps it’s all those kitschy “Hello September” memes that have altered my senses – but I’m pretty sure Autumn has started to show it’s first signs here in Tel Aviv.


As a self proclaimed winter hater, to me -Autumn usually acts as a warning sign that winter is this way a-coming, and is therefore greeted with indifference (at best) or with disdain (at worst). As part of my nightly ritual (Insomnia, will you ever loosen your grip on me?), when I woke up in the wee hours last night – I stepped outside and sat on my balcony for a few minutes. The cool breeze that caressed my skin felt like a blessed break from the unbearable heat that reigned throughout the day, while the night’s silence allowed semi-romantic thoughts to enter my mind.

monochrome style

Thoughts of renewal – encouraged by shedding old and irrelevant layers. Thoughts of new paths to explore – even if they diverge from a road you have traveled down many times. Autumn is the perfect window of opportunity to try out something new – even if it only seems like a tiny gesture.

Are you with me?  ;-)

red door

bling bling

monochrome style 3

monochrome style 1

b baseball cap


Top: ASOS | Skirt: ZARA | Sneakers: KEDS | Hat: Brooklyn Industries | Sterling Silver ring: BIKONT | Necklace: Efrat Ezuz | Bracelette: Shlomit Ofir

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