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8 May



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There are pros and cons to the fact that Israel doesn’t really “do” transition seasons.

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The biggest pro: we get to enjoy gorgeous, hot sunny days in Tel Aviv as early as April/May.
The biggest con: we get to enjoy gorgeous, hot sunny days in Tel Aviv as early as April/May, which means that come July – we’re all gonna melt from the heat and when August comes around, it’s probably best to consider relocating to Antartica.

But forget all this negativity! It’s really beautiful outside, and the warm weather is already making me wish I could just tear all my clothes off – especially during those days where i’m out and about all day long.

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It’s no secret I love flaunting my bras (ever since my mom asked me nicely to start wearing bras on a daily basis, several years ago) – mostly through loose armholes, providing natural ventilation with an extra dose of hotness. I just feel like if I bothered to wear a bra (between you and me – my modest cup size does just fine without external support) – it better show. Plus besides – I have pretty bras, if you ask me, so why not show ’em off?  ;-)

Anyways, it seems that my exhibitionism has become a sort of status quo, and over the past year – flaunting your bra has become highly recommended. When the universe alines with my preferences – who am I to argue  ;-)

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Top, skirt and sunnies: ASOS | Choker: Inbar Shapira | Clutch: GUCCI | Loafers: Steve Madden

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